How big is it? Who lives there?
Around 6000 people, mixed races, human majority.

What does it look, smell and sound like?
A usual fantasy town, with a few homes built for different races. It smells different depending on where in the town you are, but mostly smells of food, ale, merchandise and occasionally dirt. Sounds of laughter, bargaining and the occasional brawl. Quiet at night, except for an inn or two.

Who governs it? Who else holds power? Is it part of a larger state?
The mayor governs it, a woman named Ellice Woodshaper. Stonekeep is part of the Kingdom of Stallon, which is a human kingdom ruled by the king and queen.

What are its defenses?
There is a town guard, which is ruled by a captain. The current captain is named Arandantin Duskforge, a dwarf. There are also stone walls around the town, and two gates in and out of the city.

Where do characters go to find the goods and services they need?
In the market district, mostly. Here the characters can find things such as a blacksmith, a general store etc. There is also a black market, but it is not well known. There are also three inns, one which is a brothel, and a stable.

What temples and other organizations feature prominently?
Pelor, Bahamut, Erathis, Moradin. Organizations such as the Duskbreakers are prominent.

Why should the characters care about the settlement?
The trade route to the dragonborn and the elves makes this town a lively and active town. This is also a town where resting is a smart thing, since it is considered safe from most attacks.

Race relations: Harmony. This is a trading hub, which does not mix well with racism.

Ruler’s status: Iron-willed but respected.

Notable traits: The large keep in the middle of town, called Dragonshield. It is said that an old hero, whose name is now forgotten, defeated an ancient and evil dragon while defending the keep from it and its forces.

There is also a river that divides the town into two parts. Stonekeep is also the center of trade regarding mithril.

Known for: Greedy merchants and the Keep.

Notable establishments:

The Mead-Inn-Place – an inn which usually serves meat, mead and merry meetings.

The Drunken Goat – an inn known as the “cheaper” alternative in town. There is always a brawl happening at The Drunken Goat.

The Silver Rose – an inn and a brothel. Men and women can be found from most of the common races here.

The Golden Pegasus – an establishment which considers itself above an inn. Only invited guests, very expensive and very high class.

For Cod’s Sake – a fishing shop where all manner of fish and fishing equipment can be found and bought. Run by an old cleric named Ben.

The Broken Anvil – a blacksmith which has an enormous, broken anvil, which is said to have been used by giants. Run by Khadrik Stronghammer, a dwarf.

The Dazzling Voyage – a fashion shop run by a very glamorous elf.




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