Struhn Meadbeard

Owner of "The Mead-Inn-Place"


Struhn Meadbeard is a jolly and generous dwarf, who owns “The Mead-Inn-Place” tavern in Stonekeep together with his wife, Mathilda. He is known to be a bit too generous with the drinks, though, which is why Mathilda has to keep an eye on her husband when he’s had a drink too many.


Struhn Meadbeard hails from the Shondrug Mines, which is where he met his wife, Mathilda. He worked as a miner, then a brewer, and then decided to open up a tavern in Stonekeep sp that the dwarves that lived there could have a place to drink. The tavern got popular among the humans too, though, and was soon a place where dwarven drink and human food mixed very well. He has a son named Frittis.

Struhn Meadbeard

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