Young aspiring wizard


Gary the wizard’s apprentice has short-kept dark hair and dark blue eyes. His expression is almost always inquisitive and friendly. He dresses in functional clothing, although it is of better than average quality. His shirt and pants are dark blue, hinting towards black and his three-quarter robe is red with a few lines of silver embroidery.

Gary’s posture is kind of rigid at times, however, more often than not he’s bent over som scroll or book conducting research for his master professor Leagallow whom he recently acquired an apprenticeship under. Nevertheless, Gary always has a friendly smile and a personal question or two for anyone who meets him and he will without hesitation try to help a stranger out if he’s able.


Gary does not have a lot of friends, not because he’s reclusive or anti-social, but those who know him knows that he doesn’t volunteer information about his past. The handful of people from the university Draconus Bibliotheca that know him could tell you that he’s from some merchant from some town who sired him as a bastard and sent him to the university to get rid of him. The same handful of people could also tell you that Gary has never spoken of his family except a few times when he was drunk, and it is clear to anyone that he resents and despise them.

His time at the university Draconus Bibliotheca. has been quite interesting to follow since he’s not from any remarkable family. It is said that he passed the entrance exams barely with three votes against, that he disproved the lecturer in ancient runes theory of arcana-draconic relations during the first lecture by mistake, and that he regularly meet dwarves and gnomes at seedy taverns. His latest “accomplishment” is that he acquired an apprenticeship under professor Leagallow and has now left the university to help Leagallow in his research.


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