Ashes to ashes

Innkeepers - The Drunken Goat

aka Dale the Kobold God

After finding out that their friend, Rummel, has passed away, the party gathered to hear what he had left in his will. To their outmost surprise and joy, they were left the ruined broken  lovely inn "The Drunken Goat". After kicking out a few troublemakers and hiring a cook, the party set out to find that most important of life essences – booze.

They made their way to the village of Smallbell, with a little stop which got a very unlucky bandit slaughtered. When they arrived at Smallbell, they were told that in order for the Smallbell Brewery to be able to help them, the party needed to help Smallbell first. Clear a goblin cave, fetch enchanted water for the mead and save the prizewinning cow, Bella. The party prioritized extremely well and went after Bella.

It turned out that a tribe of kobolds had kidnapped Bella to worship her as their now goddess. The party convinced the kobolds to let her go and to worship Dale, the half-elf sorcerer, instead. The party returned with Bella and Smallbell threw a party in their honor.



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