Ashes to ashes

Ludimus' Lads

aka Gary (thinks he) Goes to Skallervall

The party contains three members, which are:

Gary, the human wizard, apprentice to Ludimus Leagallow.

Meamak, the goliath barbarian, he is what he needs to be.

Enkil, the dwarf fighter, of the Longstone family.

Gary had recruited Meamak and Enkil after Ludimus' request. They had entered Ludimus's study, had been interviewed by him and shown a special blue gem that could record what it heard. Ludimus explained to the party that he wanted them to explore and help people, and in return, he would pay them. The party agreed, and then helped Ludimus clear the clattered room of debris. 

When they were done, Ludimus summoned a portal in the middle of the clatter-free circle. As soon as the party had entered, Gary got a bad feeling about the place that they had teleported to – he thought that it was Skallervall, the village that every parent in the Kingdom of Stallon threatens to send their children to if they're naughty. Apparently, the village of Skallervall is filled with crazy people. Gary was instantly nervous and did not want to enter the village, but his newfound friends convinced him. 

As they entered the village, which was named Vilsten (Reststone), they quickly spotted the local tavern and entered. Inside, they exchanged words with the owner, and learned that Dinna is the current village elder. Meamak ordered food for everyone, and the party requested beds. 

The party sat and ate at the closest table. They socialized with the people there, Meamak challenged one of the them to a contest (the mad chickened out) and Gary failed at flirting.  The party also learned that Evina, the villages true elder, was missing. Dinna then entered the tavern, the party traded some words with her, when the mad that had chickened out slammed open the door to the tavern, screaming "They're coming!".



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