Ashes to ashes

King's Corner

aka Dave Loves Birds

The mercenaries known as the King's Corner are made up of Dave, the human fighter, Tomtom, the kenku rogue and Ashes, the tiefling monk. We met the King's Corner (KC) when they were being interrogated in handcuffs by one of the officials in the Keep, the prison in Highgate. His name was Grego, a fat and sweaty man, and he was concerned about a certain box that the KC were supposed to have. The party could not remember anything about the previous night, and they were all bruised and had a bad headache.  Tomtom lied and promised that they had the box at a safe location, and they were let go.

When the KC were let go, Dave found a note from the night before from Salina, thanking him for their passionate evening and saying that he was welcome back. Dave had a flashback, and remembered that the party had been celebrating their victory in retrieving the box. They had celebrated at the Giant Crab, a tavern close by. Dave remembered them getting into a fight with the Low Key Gang, who demanded the box. A montage ensued off them all kicking the gang's asses.

After the flashback, the KC went to the tavern just to find it had been burnt down. Salina slapped Dave, and yelled at him. After explaining that they did not remember what happened, Salina explained the rest of the night. The Low Key Gang had stolen the box, the party had almost escaped before being pummeled by giant half-orc and someone had started a fire. The party thanked Salina and left for the Murks, the ghetto in Highgate. 

In the Murks, the party decided that they would try infiltrating the Low Key Gang. Tomtom disguised Dave to look like the gang's leader, Tyko, and they then put a rope around Tomtom so that he could follow the disguised Dave and use mimicry to sound like Tyko. They were allowed access by Carl-Adolf Stjerna, a gang member, while Ashes climbed/flew up one of the nearby buildings. Tomtom followed Dave, who mimed whatever Tomtom was saying in Tyko's voice.

They soon came to the man who had carried the box, Sverker. Sverker led Tomtom and Dave to Tyko's office, were he was surprised by Tyko sitting at his desk. A fight ensued, in which Tyko got his ass handed to him and Ashes crashed through a window on the forth floor. 

Tyko gave the KC the box and some money to not tell anyone that they had beaten him. The box turned up to be a puzzle of sorts. The party went to Dave's place, which featured a bed, a matress on the floor and a bird's nest. The party debated getting the box to Grego without opening it, but then tried opening it anyway. They failed, but Tomtom remembered a dwarf name Ol' Gruffy in the Murks that was a fence and an artificer – maybe he could help them. 

They came to Ol' Gruffy and paid him to open the box. It took some time and demanded some ash, but it opened after a while. Inside lay a glass ball the size of a fist in which an eye spun around inside. When Ashes picked it up, he fell unconscious, gripping the ball. His hand got an ashen exterior. Tomtom and Dave managed to extract the ball from his hands without touching it. Gruffy woke Ashes up and then explained the he was ashtouched, which was not a good thing. The party left for Dave's again.

They put Dave's birthday-wine in the box and sealed it again, then hid the eye-orb away. Tomtom and Dave went to Grego with the box, and was met with an individual in blue robes and a white, featureless mask sitting at a table. They gave him the box and Grego gave them the gold, and they went on their merry way.

While buying food for their celebrations later that night, Tomtom heard a rumor that one of the prison officials, Grego, had fallen to his death, apparently a suicide. 




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