Ashes to ashes

Innkeepers - The Guardian

Aka The Time Kaelt Mas Lost His Hands

Our party, having accepted the quest to help the villagers of Smallbell to save the daughter of lord Jegazai from her sickness, got the antidote from Elder Martin and headed out to the lord's mannor. They were joined by the majority of Smallbell. 

Kaelt Mas (Dale's new name) managed to persuade himself inside to meet the lord. They spoke about trade routes between Smallbell, the Kingdom of Stallon and Galanodel. Afterwards, Druscilla snuck into the room of the lord's daughter and gave her the antidote.

On their way back home, the villagers all suddenly stopped in their tracks. The spell that they had all been under had been released and they all remembered that Elder Martin was not who he said he was and that he had used magic to trick them. They all hurried back to Smallbell.

They could see Martin, or what was calling itself Martin, with flakes of ashes here and there on his skin. The bodies of several villagers were there too, all dead with ashes around their mouths and noses. Martin was performing some sort of ritual in front of the ogre-statue. 

A fight ensued, Martin raised the bodies of the fallen villagers, and Alenn was stabbed to death. The ritual was completed, the now ashen thing that was known as Martin stole the bell from the now living ogre and disappeared in a cloud of ash. The ogre fought of the rest of the zombies and then asked the party to stand down.

After some conversation, the party learned that the ogre was named Hrord – which was big news for Druscilla, since her clan and the mountain they reside in was named after him. He explained that he was a Guardian, someone who was supposed to keep one of the keys to releasing the power of the Ashlands, safe. He had been given the form of an ogre. Now that the ashfolk had one of the keys, Hrord asked the party to aid him in getting to the other Guardians and securing their keys. Hrord they complained about being tired after having stood up for a long, long time and fell asleep in a barn.



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