Ashes to ashes

Innkeepers - Squirrels, Fire!

Aka That Time That Tesla Gained A New Friend

Our heroes had split up for about a week, each one going about their own personal business. Tesla had been taught in the ways of the College of Lore, Drusilla had been shown how to craft her own totem and Dale had been pretending to drink alcohol while also realizing he was now a more powerful sorcerer. Our dear Balsa, ready to ascend to his rightful place as a paladin, was still at the Duskbreakers.

The party had been asked, repeatedly, to go and get the final ingredient needed to start up the mead-making again – the enchanted water that could only be found in the northern forest, in a magical fountain. The party gathered up their things, Alenn, and then set out on their journey.

When they arrived at the outskirts of the forest, Alenn told the party that he would wait for them there. The party continued into the forest, following a small stream that would soon lead them to the fountain. When they arrived, they saw animals of different species, each one represented by a larger individual from every species. They were greeted by an owl, who was resting on the head of a moose. The owl told the party that if they wanted to take something from the forest, they had to give something to the forest. The owl also mentioned that "giving" to the forest could mean giving help. When asked, the owl mentioned foul orcs that ravaged and polluted the forest. Our brave heroes, bloodthirsty as they are, knew what to do.

They were lead to the orcs by a large squirrel, who kept picking up nuts. Tesla crafted a small backpack to the squirrel, who was very thankful, and kept his nuts in it. One could say that he proudly carried his sack of nuts.

When they came close to the orcs, the squirrel pointed at the orcs' camp and scurried up into a nearby tree. A fight soon broke out, which was very bloody, with orcs being pummeled, thrown nuts at, bitten by squirrels and generally being miserable. Tesla managed to use Charm Person on the orcs' leader, Bolgok, and then persuaded him that they were all friends. Bolgok helped in finishing up the rest of the orcs, and then agreed to leave the forest. When he did, the larger squirrel shook his head. Drusilla used her Speak to Animals, and the squirrel explained that they needed the orcs dead, all of them. The squirrel then helped the party to lure the orc back. He was promptly killed.

During the fight, Dale tried using a nut that a squirrel was holding on to as a projectile for his spells. The squirrel held on tight, but was rescued and picked out of the air by Drusilla. The squirrel is now a constant companion of Drusillas.

The party returned, they gained the water, and left. When they came back to Smallbell, they villagers were approving of their return with the water, but no one was happy. News had come that the lord of the land's daughter's sickness had grown worse, and that the lord was refusing help. The party was asked to help the village sneak in an antidote that Martin could make, and in return, they would get free mead for their inn.  



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