Ashes to ashes

Innkeepers - Bahamut Matata

aka That Time That Drusilla Tried Her Best at Dentistry

Tesla left the goblin cave, claiming that she had business to attend to in Smallbell. Balsa released the goblin covered in shit, which promised to be good. It lied. 

The goblin ran to rally his friends, and the party decided to make a trap – by putting wooden tables in their own way and setting them on fire. Soon enough, both Dale and Drusilla had fallen unconscious due to the heat, but Balsa managed to drag them to safety, one by one. When he came back and dragged out Dale, he saw the leader of the goblins, Dukk, having his foul dagger at Drusilla's throat. Balsa used his Dust of Disappearance to make himself, Dale, Drusilla and Dukk invisible. In the ensuing chaos, he dragged out Dale, backstabbed a hobgoblin, intimidated the other goblins into a fearful run, and was faced with Dukk, who once again had his dagger at Drusilla's throat. Dale had woken up, and was entering the cave again. Drusilla too woke up.

During the second fight, as Balsa came close to Dukk, Dukk slit Drusilla's throat. She almost died, but was saved by Balsa and Dale after they had killed Dukk. They took his dagger, which had given Drusilla a nasty, dark blue scar across her throat.

They searched the rest of the cave, found a loot of treasure, and rescued Earbender, a dragonborn child from the Norixius clan. She was grateful and accompanied the party out and back to Smallbell.

Once the party was back and had reported their victory over the goblins, the village once again threw a party in their honor. Balsa chugged his first mead, and immediately fell unconscious. Dale partied on and Drusilla slept under the ogre statue outside. When morning came, Balsa decided to see who the paintings that they had found in the goblin den belonged to. After asking around, he learned that Lord Jezagai was the owner of the nearby lands and could be the rightful owner. He was turned down at the gates, though, and was told that the paintings did not belong to Jezagai. He also learned that Jezagai had a sick daughter.

While Balsa was away, Drusilla decided to try to sneak up upon the bandits once again. As had happened the day before, she failed, was found, and was told to leave. She then gathered her party, and in a very furious manner, asked them nicely to help her kill the bandits. The party went to the bandit camp, and after a very exciting battle, managed to defeat the bandits. They also saved a hostage, named Maewenn, who told them that she was from Vilsten (Reststone) and that she was out traveling. If they ever needed a place to stay, they could stay in the tavern in Vilsten for free, since she knew the owner. She said to ask for her or Evina, the village elder.

Drusilla stayed back for a while after Dale and Balsa had left the bandit camp with Maewenn. Drusilla pulled out a few of the bandit leader's teeth and is on her was to make it into a charm. 

Back at Smallbell, Balsa turned in the only bandit they had knocked out, then left for the Duskbreakers. Dale, Drusilla and Tesla is still in Smallbell. 



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