Ashes to ashes

Innkeepers - A Brief Summary of Events

Aka That Time The DM Was Lazy And Didn't Write Down These Things For a Few Meetings

To summarize what happened after Stonekeep – >

The party gathered themselves, met up with Hrordar and set out on their journey towards Hrord's temple, which was in the Hrord Mountains. During the journey the party encountered a stone giant and his children, and after a horrible wild-magic-accident, the giant gained the power to turn into a giant stone elemental. Hrord sacrificed himself so that the party could escape through a crack in the mountain.

The party found themselves in a cave, in which they barely escaped the resident monster. They soon found themselves in the larger cave that was connected to this one, which belonged to a gigantic, monstrous black dragon. The party snuck out, saw the dragon exit its lair and retrieve a large body, then return. They then slept.

The party met up with Druscilla and her clan, to try to save Hrordar from the dragon. The plan went haywire, Balsa got covered in acid, Dale got stabbed with a dragonclaw and Druscillas clan fled.

Druscilla and Akra soon gathered their things and set forth towards Hrordar's temple, with the thoughts that they needed to do this for the party. They were soon joined by Dale, alive and well, and came upon the temple. They met a man called Rasputin there.

The party fought undead in the temple, undead that were controlled by Rasputin's old colleague, Wic-Tor Fronkinstoin. A fight ensued with the necromancer and in the end, the temple was burning, Rasputin was petriefied, Druscilla was dead and Akra was gone. Dale was the onle survivor. 

Fast forward a few months – >

Dale, Balsa (mysteriously alive) and Murrag, a gentleman orc, had all recieved a summons from their questgiver, "Noone". They recieved the mission to go and find out what really happened to the lost princess of the Thunder Dynasty. They headed out towards Highgate, fought some racist farmers, and took and airship to Fool's March, the last place anyone had claimed to have seen the princess. They also fought and elven assassin on the airship. 




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