Ashes to ashes

Frostlovers - The Tavern

Aka The Time Mikael Ran Naked As Lia

Our beloved party were on their merry way down towards the Draconus Bibliotheca. They met a strange party of people who seemed to be guarding a female dragonborn, of a blue color. No certain questions were asked and the party continued. 

They arrived at Fool's March, where they christened guards in Bahamut's name, got help from a dwaren lady and bartered with a dumpster-kenku. Afterwards, the party made their way towards The Tavern, a very, VERY large structure with 6 floors, built like a mall. They bought food, then found a second-hand shop run by a goblin. The goblin sold them weird items, which were semi-useful. She also sold them two headbands that "would affect your intellect". Lia and Mikael tried them out, and switched bodies. Mikael, in Lias body, ran around flailing, until Lia, in Mikaels body, could catch him with the help of Kent. They then returned to their senses. 



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