Ashes to ashes

Frostlovers - The Magician

aka How the Monsters Came to Shire

As the party stood waiting outside the cave, a large man wielding a battlehammer exited. He was followed by two henchmen. The party, as charismatic as they are, tried bargaining with nothing to get the lockbox. When they realized that they could not actually get it for free, the goliath Chief drew his blade and Hoppsan burned the three men. That's how it all started.

It ends with a strange-looking wizard popping out of nowhere, a portal behind him, blasting the large man in the chest, killing him. He stole the lockbox and ran inside the portal, followed by our heroic party. Chief, being enraged, tried headbutting the portal. He did, but he also headbutted the person who had entered the portal before him – Lia. She fell unconscious. 

They arrived at a pirate ship filled with pirates, undead pirates and a kraken. As they made their way across the ship, Lia tried swinging with a rope to cross the ship. The kraken did not approve of this, and slapped her down. 

The next place they entered was a gothic hall, filled to the brim with different kinds of monsters. They had a party, and the brave adventurers had to dodge and weave between the dancers. Some of our heroes were thrown across the hall, others had to separate werewolves making out. Such is the life of an adventurer.

When the magician had managed to open up yet another portal, our holy Lina convinced the monsters that the lockbox contained brains. They all stopped dancing, the band stopped playing, and the monsters charged after the magician and the party…

…into the Shire. This is were our brave gnome Hoppsan almost managed to catch the lockbox, but it ended in her being carried by the magician, clinging to the lockbox for dear life. Chief tried telling the monsters to go back to the party – but pointed in the wrong direction. The monsters started shuffling towards where an 111-year old had a birthday-party.

After wrestling with the gnome for the lockbox, the magician finally managed to retrieve it and ran through the last portal – and ended up back in time, just before the party entered the pirate-ship-portal. The magician called the party fools, laughed about how he had achieved his mission and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He did not notice, however, that he dropped a key that looked eerily like a key that would fit in the lockbox…

Hoppsan cried, since loosing the lockbox was hard on her. Lia looted the bodies and found, well, perculiar things that she did not appreciate. Chief carried two of the bodies towards the cave, Mikael baptised a new believer of Bahamut and gave him the name Kent. They soon noticed that an avalance, caused by the large man who got blasted to hell, were descending down upon them. They hurried inside the cave, where Chief managed to prop the entrance full with tents while Mikael and Lina, with the help of Kent, built a shrine to Bahamut. 



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