Ashes to ashes

Frostlovers - The Key

aka The Ogre That Identified As A Giraffe

The party, having been stuck inside the cave after the avalance, set off down towards Frost. They were joined by Kent, the newly christened Bahamut-believer and Rago, a not-so-excited companion. Chief left the party to be on his own for a while. After arriving in Frost, the party told Lidda to get ready to leave. They then met with Bharsh, who scolded them for not retrieving the lockbox, and told them to come back when they did. Bharsh also complained about a thief having stolen money from him.

The party took their chance and distracted the manservant, which enabled Lia, the monk, to steal a bottle of wine and the manservant's dentures. They the left Frost in company with Lidda and Kent, Rago stayed behind. 

The party decided to go where the key pointed – south west. They soon came to the end of the snow, where summer met winter. From cold to the bones to warm as a summer's evening, the party followed the path until they encountered 2 ogres arguing. Kent took the lead and tried banishing them in the name of Bahamut. The ogres got angry.

The fight was brutal, a lot of hammers were swung, some spells were thrown, and people got knocked out, and then resuscitated. The most odd thing, though, happened when our beloved wild magic sorcerer managed to provoke a wild magic surge – one of the ogres had his body contort into the form of a giraffe, while still looking like an ogre. This enraged the ogreiaffe and almost killed our Hoppsan, but they managed to defeat the ogres. 



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