Ashes to ashes

Frostlovers - The Boar

aka The Time the Party Faced the Wererats

The party had just defeated the two ogres, one of which had been turned into an ogreaffe. As they were trying to cut the head of the ogreaffe, Chief returned to the party. They all set out on the path towards Fool's March together.

After making camp near a small river, which waters were almost freezing, Lia, the wood-elf monk, and Mikael, the human cleric, decided to hunt, seperately. Mikael came back empty handed.

Lia, on the other hand, accidentally came into a fight with a very angry giant boar who thought that Lia was a danger to her children. After Lia ran away back to camp, she recruited Hoppsan, the gnome sorceress, and Chief, the goliath barbarian, to join her in hunting down the giant boar for food. The fight was soon over, with Chief having been gored a little bit too much. Lia captured one of the piglets and Cheif tried catching another, but accidentally chased it over a cliff. It died. 

Back at camp, the party feasted on the boar that Chief had dragged back. At night, they were set upon by wererats, and defeated them all. Lidda and Chief seem to feel weird and sick, though, which is odd.  



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