Ashes to ashes

Friends of Famas ep.3 - Skyripp in peace
Aka Grinding for that legendary.

The airship took the party east from F.U.N.K.Y town in their pursuit of Skyripper.  After weeks in the air the party finds an elf named Lusha who had been knocked out after a particularly wild party under the deck of the boat. After weeks in the air it finally landed at the most southern point of the never ending mountains.  After about an hour’s walk up the mountain side the party reached a village with huge ravens resting on its stone walls. 

The party met with a group of old goliaths called the elders. The leaders of the elders (nicknamed “Mother” by Lo-kag) told the party that the elders took Skyripper from the Anakalathai Clan as they were deemed unworthy of the weapons power.  Lo-kags brothers had since earlier conveniently arrive to the village and after the party had settled they were told that in order to get Skyripper Lo-kag and his brothers were to face several trials proving their worth. 

The first trial involved getting a trophy from the hands of a grumpy ice giant. In true Lo-kag fashion through a flurry of drinking and punching the giant at last gave them the trophy and the trial was finished.

 The second trial was to tame a giant raven and learn to fly it. On their way up to the raven nests the party stumbled upon a tavern on the mountainside. Inside was a tiefling bartender called Hellas. Hellas had a deck of fate that he warned the party not to use… The party used is several times. To sum it up Lo-kag got cursed, Auwjamel lost his soul forever and Yindy lost everything and then got everything. The whole bird ordeal went well I guess. Lo-kag now has a giant raven called Fury 2.0 (We do not talk about Fury 1.0)

The third and final trial was helping the elders deal with a Gnoll problem. There was a Gnoll lair on the western side of the mountain and it had been sending Gnolls to attack the village more often. As the party arrived at the outskirts of the lair they met with Zook a gnome warrior who claimed to have been scoping out the lair for some time. The lair seemed to be crawling with Gnolls so the party began sneaking which in true D&D fashion turned into fighting. While Lo-kags brothers fell one after one the party did pretty well. After the lair had been cleared and the brothers stabilized they began their walk back to the village.

Back at the village the brothers were gathered and after some final discussion the elders announced that Lo-kag were the one worthy to wield Skyripper. Lo-kags brothers’ response to the news varied.

When the celebrations had settled and Hellas tavern been raised to the ground the party decided to pursue Yindns desire to finally finish his contract on the thunder dynasty Emperors head. The party began their travels west in order to find an air ship to take them to the Thunder dynasty.

Friends of Famas ep.2 - Going down to F.U.N.K.Y Town
Aka the prize of Ghostfire these days.

With the help of Famas getting into F.U.N.K.Y Town proved no challenge. Meeting Dinkel Fizzlespark was not as easy as the party was far from the only ones desiring to meet him. They struck a deal with Fizzlesparks secretary to gave a meeting "legitimately" arranged in exchange for a participation badge from an infamous underground arena called night hub.

Laus tavern is a simple establishment but under its floor it houses Nighthub, a gigantic arena/disco where brave souls fight illusory battles for the entertainment if others. To get what they came here for the party only had to enter a fight on any difficulty, win or lose. They instead entered and (narrowly) won everything.

After claiming their prizes and have had a meeting with Fizzlespark arranged the party had a bit of downtime. Items of high value was sold and bought and Yindy got in contact with the secret network to which he now was a less esteemed member due to his past failings. 
When meeting Dinkel Fizzlespark it was reviled to the party that the vial of liquid life was a key part of a secret project Fizzlespark had already sunken way too much of F.U.N.K.Y Towns resources into.

While he did not have any riches to reward the party with he instead offered to let them take part in this project. Dinkel Fizzlesparks reputation as a leader of G.E.A.R pretty much hung on the success of this project so a few more eyes keeping watch would not hurt.

The party was introduced to Warrick the gnome scientist and his bodyguard Mano. The purpose of the project was to create a near unstoppable force of mechanic warriors that G.E.A.R would be able to control remotely in the fight against the Ashfolk.
That was unfortunately not how it turned out.

When Warrick was finished and any unforeseen interference had been dealt with the mechanical warriors seemed to be working a little too well, alive even. Warrick revealed to the party that his intentions never were to create a controlled army but instead create a form of artificial life. According to Warrick more death is not the solution but that when the forged were brought up and ready to face the world they would prove a valuable ally. With the flip of some switches Warrick, Mano and the forged was transported away from F.U.N.K.Y Town leaving the party with nothing but the regard that Dinkel Fizzlespark would one day forgive him.

The party took this whole revelation pretty well if you exclude Lotag who in fury began breaking lab equipment. Warrick had told the party that they might want to discreetly leave F.U.N.K.Y Town in order to avoid Fizzlesparks potential wrath, a suggestion which immediately was thrown out the window as Lotag sought Fizzlespark out and told him what happened.

After the party made sure to Dinkel that they were not to blame for what had transpired they left to gather themselves and leave F.U.N.K.Y Town. After some shopping and finding Famas who had been in mortal danger the entire time the party boarded the Loveboat, Warrick private airship and left for the neverending mountain with the intention to find a lost Anakalathai artifact called Skyripper.

Friends of Famas ep.1 - Salt, Lizards and a Vial of 16000 gold
Aka the tragic death of Stonk the great.

The Party finds themselves at the end of a dungeon whose creator and resident did not seem to like visitors. Yindy had just laid his hands on an artifact later identified as a Vial of liquid life.

As they were about to leave they were stopped by a party of gnomes desperate to get the artifact. A fight broke out as they do and after the gnomes had been knocked out, shot in the head or turned into a goat and then shot in the head the Party decided to rest for at bit at the entrance of the dungeon.

When interrogating the surviving gnomes the Party found out that the dungeon they were in belonged to a gnome scientist called Nambiss. In life Nambiss had as his life work created two Vials of liquid life that he had buried with him. The gnomes were to bring the vial back to F.U.K.N.Y town for some sort of experiment. The Party on the other hand had since earlier been offered a large sum of gold by a buyer if the vial was given to them.

The next morning the gnomes had fled the Party (to what fate we will never know) and the Party decided to travel to F.U.K.N.Y town. During their travels they reached an empty salt mine surveyed by two dwarves who introduced themselves as Skogrid and Reinum Alestone. Skogrid explains that a large Familas lizard had wandered into the mine and the excavation could not continue until it was found and slain.

The Party tracked the lizard to a small patch of forest north of the mine where the tracks became unfollowable.  While Yrvelellef split off to search the forest Yindy,Davalor and Auwjamel set up an ambush which caught the attention of none other than Stonk the hobgoblin knight. Stonk challenged Davalor to a test of honor and knighthood and then attacked the Party when he promptly lost. Rapier in Davalons hand and spells crackling in Auwjamels, the fight seemed to be a tough and epic feat up until Yindy pulled the trigger.

Yrvelellef managed to find and instead of killing, helped the wounded lizard who took a liking for him and introduced itself as Famas. When the fight had died down and the Party licked its wounds Yrvelellef introduced Famas to the Party. Davalor was not as accepting as the others but in the end the seemingly friendly lizard was allowed to travel with them.

They returned to the dwarves claiming that the beast was slain and were rewarded with gold, a large kettle and as much salt as they could carry.

With nothing else drawing their attention they once again set sights on F.U.K.M.Y town.

Innkeepers - A Brief Summary of Events
Aka That Time The DM Was Lazy And Didn't Write Down These Things For a Few Meetings

To summarize what happened after Stonekeep – >

The party gathered themselves, met up with Hrordar and set out on their journey towards Hrord's temple, which was in the Hrord Mountains. During the journey the party encountered a stone giant and his children, and after a horrible wild-magic-accident, the giant gained the power to turn into a giant stone elemental. Hrord sacrificed himself so that the party could escape through a crack in the mountain.

The party found themselves in a cave, in which they barely escaped the resident monster. They soon found themselves in the larger cave that was connected to this one, which belonged to a gigantic, monstrous black dragon. The party snuck out, saw the dragon exit its lair and retrieve a large body, then return. They then slept.

The party met up with Druscilla and her clan, to try to save Hrordar from the dragon. The plan went haywire, Balsa got covered in acid, Dale got stabbed with a dragonclaw and Druscillas clan fled.

Druscilla and Akra soon gathered their things and set forth towards Hrordar's temple, with the thoughts that they needed to do this for the party. They were soon joined by Dale, alive and well, and came upon the temple. They met a man called Rasputin there.

The party fought undead in the temple, undead that were controlled by Rasputin's old colleague, Wic-Tor Fronkinstoin. A fight ensued with the necromancer and in the end, the temple was burning, Rasputin was petriefied, Druscilla was dead and Akra was gone. Dale was the onle survivor. 

Fast forward a few months – >

Dale, Balsa (mysteriously alive) and Murrag, a gentleman orc, had all recieved a summons from their questgiver, "Noone". They recieved the mission to go and find out what really happened to the lost princess of the Thunder Dynasty. They headed out towards Highgate, fought some racist farmers, and took and airship to Fool's March, the last place anyone had claimed to have seen the princess. They also fought and elven assassin on the airship. 


King's Corner
aka Dave Loves Birds

The mercenaries known as the King's Corner are made up of Dave, the human fighter, Tomtom, the kenku rogue and Ashes, the tiefling monk. We met the King's Corner (KC) when they were being interrogated in handcuffs by one of the officials in the Keep, the prison in Highgate. His name was Grego, a fat and sweaty man, and he was concerned about a certain box that the KC were supposed to have. The party could not remember anything about the previous night, and they were all bruised and had a bad headache.  Tomtom lied and promised that they had the box at a safe location, and they were let go.

When the KC were let go, Dave found a note from the night before from Salina, thanking him for their passionate evening and saying that he was welcome back. Dave had a flashback, and remembered that the party had been celebrating their victory in retrieving the box. They had celebrated at the Giant Crab, a tavern close by. Dave remembered them getting into a fight with the Low Key Gang, who demanded the box. A montage ensued off them all kicking the gang's asses.

After the flashback, the KC went to the tavern just to find it had been burnt down. Salina slapped Dave, and yelled at him. After explaining that they did not remember what happened, Salina explained the rest of the night. The Low Key Gang had stolen the box, the party had almost escaped before being pummeled by giant half-orc and someone had started a fire. The party thanked Salina and left for the Murks, the ghetto in Highgate. 

In the Murks, the party decided that they would try infiltrating the Low Key Gang. Tomtom disguised Dave to look like the gang's leader, Tyko, and they then put a rope around Tomtom so that he could follow the disguised Dave and use mimicry to sound like Tyko. They were allowed access by Carl-Adolf Stjerna, a gang member, while Ashes climbed/flew up one of the nearby buildings. Tomtom followed Dave, who mimed whatever Tomtom was saying in Tyko's voice.

They soon came to the man who had carried the box, Sverker. Sverker led Tomtom and Dave to Tyko's office, were he was surprised by Tyko sitting at his desk. A fight ensued, in which Tyko got his ass handed to him and Ashes crashed through a window on the forth floor. 

Tyko gave the KC the box and some money to not tell anyone that they had beaten him. The box turned up to be a puzzle of sorts. The party went to Dave's place, which featured a bed, a matress on the floor and a bird's nest. The party debated getting the box to Grego without opening it, but then tried opening it anyway. They failed, but Tomtom remembered a dwarf name Ol' Gruffy in the Murks that was a fence and an artificer – maybe he could help them. 

They came to Ol' Gruffy and paid him to open the box. It took some time and demanded some ash, but it opened after a while. Inside lay a glass ball the size of a fist in which an eye spun around inside. When Ashes picked it up, he fell unconscious, gripping the ball. His hand got an ashen exterior. Tomtom and Dave managed to extract the ball from his hands without touching it. Gruffy woke Ashes up and then explained the he was ashtouched, which was not a good thing. The party left for Dave's again.

They put Dave's birthday-wine in the box and sealed it again, then hid the eye-orb away. Tomtom and Dave went to Grego with the box, and was met with an individual in blue robes and a white, featureless mask sitting at a table. They gave him the box and Grego gave them the gold, and they went on their merry way.

While buying food for their celebrations later that night, Tomtom heard a rumor that one of the prison officials, Grego, had fallen to his death, apparently a suicide. 


Innkeepers - Stonekeep
Aka The Time Kaelt Mas And Balsa Switched Bodies

The party returned to Stonekeep to get their affairs in order before heading off with Hrord. They bought supplies, found and threatened an extortionist and hired a bartender and a bard to their bar. While searching for the extortionist, the Kaelt Mas and Balsa accidentally switched bodies for a while. Shenanigans ensued. 

Innkeepers - The Guardian
Aka The Time Kaelt Mas Lost His Hands

Our party, having accepted the quest to help the villagers of Smallbell to save the daughter of lord Jegazai from her sickness, got the antidote from Elder Martin and headed out to the lord's mannor. They were joined by the majority of Smallbell. 

Kaelt Mas (Dale's new name) managed to persuade himself inside to meet the lord. They spoke about trade routes between Smallbell, the Kingdom of Stallon and Galanodel. Afterwards, Druscilla snuck into the room of the lord's daughter and gave her the antidote.

On their way back home, the villagers all suddenly stopped in their tracks. The spell that they had all been under had been released and they all remembered that Elder Martin was not who he said he was and that he had used magic to trick them. They all hurried back to Smallbell.

They could see Martin, or what was calling itself Martin, with flakes of ashes here and there on his skin. The bodies of several villagers were there too, all dead with ashes around their mouths and noses. Martin was performing some sort of ritual in front of the ogre-statue. 

A fight ensued, Martin raised the bodies of the fallen villagers, and Alenn was stabbed to death. The ritual was completed, the now ashen thing that was known as Martin stole the bell from the now living ogre and disappeared in a cloud of ash. The ogre fought of the rest of the zombies and then asked the party to stand down.

After some conversation, the party learned that the ogre was named Hrord – which was big news for Druscilla, since her clan and the mountain they reside in was named after him. He explained that he was a Guardian, someone who was supposed to keep one of the keys to releasing the power of the Ashlands, safe. He had been given the form of an ogre. Now that the ashfolk had one of the keys, Hrord asked the party to aid him in getting to the other Guardians and securing their keys. Hrord they complained about being tired after having stood up for a long, long time and fell asleep in a barn.

Frostlovers - The Tavern
Aka The Time Mikael Ran Naked As Lia

Our beloved party were on their merry way down towards the Draconus Bibliotheca. They met a strange party of people who seemed to be guarding a female dragonborn, of a blue color. No certain questions were asked and the party continued. 

They arrived at Fool's March, where they christened guards in Bahamut's name, got help from a dwaren lady and bartered with a dumpster-kenku. Afterwards, the party made their way towards The Tavern, a very, VERY large structure with 6 floors, built like a mall. They bought food, then found a second-hand shop run by a goblin. The goblin sold them weird items, which were semi-useful. She also sold them two headbands that "would affect your intellect". Lia and Mikael tried them out, and switched bodies. Mikael, in Lias body, ran around flailing, until Lia, in Mikaels body, could catch him with the help of Kent. They then returned to their senses. 

Ludimus' Lads - Orcs!
Aka Meamak Has To Do All The Hard Work

Our great heroes, having been warned that "they" are coming, rushed out to help as well as they could. What they saw was a village besieged by orcs. The party fought hard, chased orcs and rescued children! In the end, when the last orc was slain, the party saw dark and mysterious hooded figure watching them. 

The hooded figure raised its hands, and all the fallen orcs, soldiers and villagers arose as undead. 

Innkeepers - Squirrels, Fire!
Aka That Time That Tesla Gained A New Friend

Our heroes had split up for about a week, each one going about their own personal business. Tesla had been taught in the ways of the College of Lore, Drusilla had been shown how to craft her own totem and Dale had been pretending to drink alcohol while also realizing he was now a more powerful sorcerer. Our dear Balsa, ready to ascend to his rightful place as a paladin, was still at the Duskbreakers.

The party had been asked, repeatedly, to go and get the final ingredient needed to start up the mead-making again – the enchanted water that could only be found in the northern forest, in a magical fountain. The party gathered up their things, Alenn, and then set out on their journey.

When they arrived at the outskirts of the forest, Alenn told the party that he would wait for them there. The party continued into the forest, following a small stream that would soon lead them to the fountain. When they arrived, they saw animals of different species, each one represented by a larger individual from every species. They were greeted by an owl, who was resting on the head of a moose. The owl told the party that if they wanted to take something from the forest, they had to give something to the forest. The owl also mentioned that "giving" to the forest could mean giving help. When asked, the owl mentioned foul orcs that ravaged and polluted the forest. Our brave heroes, bloodthirsty as they are, knew what to do.

They were lead to the orcs by a large squirrel, who kept picking up nuts. Tesla crafted a small backpack to the squirrel, who was very thankful, and kept his nuts in it. One could say that he proudly carried his sack of nuts.

When they came close to the orcs, the squirrel pointed at the orcs' camp and scurried up into a nearby tree. A fight soon broke out, which was very bloody, with orcs being pummeled, thrown nuts at, bitten by squirrels and generally being miserable. Tesla managed to use Charm Person on the orcs' leader, Bolgok, and then persuaded him that they were all friends. Bolgok helped in finishing up the rest of the orcs, and then agreed to leave the forest. When he did, the larger squirrel shook his head. Drusilla used her Speak to Animals, and the squirrel explained that they needed the orcs dead, all of them. The squirrel then helped the party to lure the orc back. He was promptly killed.

During the fight, Dale tried using a nut that a squirrel was holding on to as a projectile for his spells. The squirrel held on tight, but was rescued and picked out of the air by Drusilla. The squirrel is now a constant companion of Drusillas.

The party returned, they gained the water, and left. When they came back to Smallbell, they villagers were approving of their return with the water, but no one was happy. News had come that the lord of the land's daughter's sickness had grown worse, and that the lord was refusing help. The party was asked to help the village sneak in an antidote that Martin could make, and in return, they would get free mead for their inn.  


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